New ATMs have been launched in Poland which allow customers to withdraw money simply by pressing their finger on an infra-red reader that identifies the user from the unique pattern of veins in their finger. Poland is the first country in Europe to introduce this technology for ATM transactions, with plans to introduce 2,000 ATMs in bank branches and supermarkets across the country this year.

Experts say vein-recognition technology is more secure than fingerprint scanning and therefore adds another layer of much needed security for ATM transactions.

What this means for you

It could still be some time before vein-recognition technology is introduced for ATMs in the UK. However, there seems to be an increasing appetite to embrace new biometric ID technologies in the move away from PINs - Barclays have announced plans to introduce finger-vein technology for corporate customers who internet bank. ATM providers in Europe will of course also be watching the recent PSD2 updates with interest, to see whether their current exemption from PSD is removed or narrowed in any way.