In its decision of 30 November 2006, the employment tribunal of Brussels ordered the cessation of discriminatory behaviour by an employer who refused to hire an employee due to her being epileptic. The employee concerned was already working for her employer under a replacement contract and when she applied for a position of indefinite duration and was deemed suitable for work by the prevention advisor (all enterprises in Belgium have to appoint a 'prevention adviser' with skills in the psycho-social aspects of work and of violence at work). From the wording adopted in the rejection letter, the employee concluded that the rejection was directly linked to her health situation and began proceedings before the employment tribunal in an attempt to prevent future discriminatory behaviour. The employment tribunal deemed that the employee had established a presumption of discriminatory behaviour by the employer. The tribunal ordered the employer to stop discriminating against the employee on the grounds of her health (both present and future) when recruiting, renewing her employment contract and when defining the employment/ termination conditions.