The FCC recently announced a filing window for 67 vacant FM allotments that have been reserved for noncommercial educational (NCE) use. A copy of the public notice is available here, and a list of the allotments is available here. The filing window will open on February 19, 2010, and close on February 26, 2010. In a concurrently released public notice, the FCC also announced a freeze on the filing of all FM minor-change applications from February 5, 2010, through February 26, 2010.

Any NCE applicant interested in one or more of the 67 vacant FM allotments must electronically file an application or applications on FCC Form 340 during the filing window. Importantly, for those allotments identified with a double asterisk-which is the majority-applicants must propose a first or second NCE service to at least 10% of the population within the proposed station's 60 dBu contour, and that population must be at least 2,000 persons. Also, all applications must specify the community, channel and class specified on the list of allotments.

In the event that more than one applicant files for an allotment, the Commission will conduct a comparative analysis of the applications received. It will first attempt to resolve mutually exclusive applications under a 307(b) analysis. If this is unsuccessful, it will use a point system or tiebreaker.