Yet another privacy scare is doing the rounds on Facebook. A quick look into the history of this phenomenon shows that we have been subjected to the same cut and paste messages on our feeds on numerous occasions in the recent past. Despite Facebook’s best efforts, the general public would rather believe their friends and re-post the annoying message “just in case” rather than read the privacy policy that they signed up for.

There have been certain privacy concerns regarding the sharing of information between Whatsapp and Facebook (Facebook bought Whatsapp a few years ago); however it is very different from the type of scare that has been recently reported on Facebook. In Europe Facebook has been ordered to delete the data that it has received from non-Facebook Whatsapp users from their database. Facebook had been using “cookies” to track Whatsapp users who were not signed up for Facebook without their knowledge, however this information had been secured on their servers and certainly was not public information that could be viewed by everyone.

What is clear in all of these scaremongering situations is that the best source of information is usually the company concerned and not your Facebook feed. Should you have privacy concerns you would be well served to read the privacy policies on the Facebook site orcontact their help centre.