The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), a trade association representing dietary supplement and functional food manufacturers, has reportedly retained UL, a global independent safety science company, to develop and administer a dietary supplement product registry.

According to CRN’s press release, the supplement product registry “will help create a fuller picture about the dietary supplement industry for industry regulators and serve retailers as a one-stop shop to help compare product labels.” CRN President and CEO Steve Mister stated, “We are confident that the dietary supplement product registry will provide a viable, adaptable product registry that will serve regulators, retailers, manufacturers, and ultimately consumers, over time.”

General Manager for UL Global Nutraceuticals Mike O’Hara also commented, “We know the industry and we understand the sensitivities, complexities and determination involved in developing the right product registry that will allow for a core product accompanied by customization. We take our responsibility here very seriously and look forward to working with CRN, its members and any company that wants to bring the industry to a higher level of accountability for its customers.”

UL will begin immediate development of the registry with a beta version of the database to be tested starting this summer. For the beta testing, roughly six companies will input their labels into the database. CRN will require all member companies to put their product labels into the registry by July 2017; the association also encourages non-member dietary supplement companies to input their labels as well.

At a June 2016 conference, CRN apparently explained that the group plans for the database to have two tiers. The first tier will be accessible to anyone interested in obtaining information and companies will not have to pay to provide basic product information. Tier two will offer companies the opportunity to provide more detailed information for a fee; this tier will have restricted access. See National Law Forum, July 6, 2016.