Within weeks of each other, three suits were filed involving overlapping parties and similar claims regarding arbitration of disputes arising from reinsurance agreements between Transatlantic and Continental and between Transatlantic and AIG. In one of the three suits, National Indemnity Company (“NICO”) sought a preliminary injunction in the District of Nebraska enjoining Transatlantic from compelling NICO to arbitration in the other two actions in Illinois and New York. Considering the issue of where NICO’s claims should be resolved, the Nebraska court determined that while it could enjoin Transatlantic from compelling NICO to arbitration, it did not have the authority under the Federal Arbitration Act to compel arbitration under agreements that chose Illinois and New York as the venue for arbitration. The court would not therefore be able to grant complete relief to the parties. Comprehensive resolution could only be achieved by severing NICO’s claims and transferring those relating to the Transatlantic-Continental agreement to the Northern District of Illinois and those relating to the Transatlantic-AIG agreements to the Southern District of New York. National Indemnity Co. v. Transatlantic Reinsurance Co., Case No. 8:14-CV-74 (USDC D. Neb. Mar. 31, 2014).