Where should you enforce, and how? Do you have a strategy in place to protect your global brand? How do other businesses in your industry protect their trademarks? We are delighted to announce the launch of our suite of brand and trademark protection and enforcement guides that aim to answer these questions and more:

Brand Benchmarking 2016

The results of our global trademark survey: the approach taken by 100 global brand owners to protecting and enforcing their trademarks. If you take one thing away from our report… there is an imbalance between registration and enforcement: businesses recognize the value of registering in a large number of countries but are not taking advantage of valuable enforcement methods to protect their brands.

Global Brand Protection

How and where should you protect and enforce your brands? Ranking a country’s enforcement methods? If you take one thing away from our report… know where you should enforce and do so! Counterfeiting cost brands $1.77 Trillion last year alone. Many countries (particularly commercially important countries in Europe) have efficient and sophisticated enforcement options to protect your brand’s value. Even for countries which are widely perceived as being very problematic, it is not impossible – the trick is to know which enforcement method is the most effective and how to use it.

Integrated IP Enforcement in Europe

How do you enforce your rights? Where and when should you do so? Helping you create a coherent strategy; if you take one thing away from our report… Europe may be an attractive destination for enforcement but each of the countries have different approaches at a national level. Use our guide to begin to consider your strategy.