The Senate approved a measure, SB 100, that would change the criminal justice system by addressing prison overcrowding, recidivism, and the costs of incarceration.

A summary of the legislation was provided by State Senator Stewart Greenleaf‟s (R-Montgomery) office. (Greenleaf sponsored the bill):

  • Establish the Safe Community Reentry Program. The legislation requires the DOC to establish a comprehensive program to reduce recidivism and ensure the successful reentry and reintegration of offenders into the community.
  • The bill will make more nonviolent offenders eligible for Pennsylvania's alternative sentencing programs. These programs include county intermediate punishment (CIP), state intermediate punishment (SIP), state motivational boot camp, and the recidivism risk reduction incentive (RRRI).
  • The bill establishes a county probation program providing for swift, predictable and immediate sanctions on offenders who violate their probation. Currently, parole violations are often punished with lengthy prison sentences that are costly to taxpayers, and fail to reduce recidivism. Each county would enact their own sanctions.