Although the jurisdictional reach of the City of Las Vegas actually excludes a majority of the Strip, the booming Downtown Las Vegas area is within its boundaries.  As night life continues to attract visitors to both the Strip and Downtown, as well as surrounding areas, the City has proposed an ordinance creating an additional license category for  nightclubs.  This license category would accompany beer/wine room, tavern, tavern-limited, or urban lounge licenses for facilities that provide live entertainment in an area of 50+ square feet and typically operate during late evening, early morning hours.

The nightclub ordinance contains provisions for nightclub hours of operation to be approved, for a security plan to be in place, for signage to be posted if within 500 feet of residential, for outdoor activities to be limited, for waiting lines to be orderly, for interior noise to not be audible beyond the property line when doors are closed, and for insurance coverage to be secured.

Under the ordinance, existing businesses will have to obtain a nightclub license by October 1 or else terminate nightclub operations by November 1.  New nightclubs would also require land use approvals that meet certain separation requirements.