Stefan Ingves, Governor of the Swedish central bank and Chairman of the Basel Committee, has outlined the steps being taken towards a consistent implementation of Basel 3. The Regulatory Consistency Assessment Programme includes country examinations that help jurisdictions and markets identify gaps in implementation of Basel 3 standards. The Basel Committee has also started to look at outcomes, examining whether the capital ratio reported by individual banks provides a meaningful and comparable representation of their capital strength. In this context, the Basel Committee has published a report on how the calculation of risk-weighted trading book assets diverges from one bank to another. Stefan Ingves said banks do not disclose enough information publicly to allow determining how much of the variation in reported risk weights is a reflection of underlying risk-taking, and how much stems from modelling choices or supervisory discretion. The Basel Committee is keen to strike the right balance between the risk sensitivity that internal risk models offer and comparability. (Source: From Ideas to Implementation)