Beginning January 1, 2020, there are sweeping changes to the employment laws that will affect ALL Illinois employers, even those with as little as ONE employee. These are big changes that need to be addressed by all Illinois employers and documented in each employer’s handbook.

Some of the changes include a requirement that employers adopt an anti-harassment policy and reporting procedures, which has been expanded to include protection from outside contractors and consultant. In addition, ALL employers must provide annual anti-harassment training to all employees. The new law also requires additional specific requirements for bars, restaurants, hotels and casinos. Employers will also be required to report the number of harassment-related final judgments and decisions that are not held in the employer’s favor. Therefore, it would be prudent to develop a system to track rulings and decisions of this nature sooner rather than later.

These are only some of the many updates to the employment laws as we head into 2020. It is imperative that businesses in Illinois update their employment practices, policies, handbooks and agreements to ensure compliance with the new law.