A case has settled for a woman who was injured after using a hair straightening kit.

A 21 year old woman known only as M has received damages after using a Charles Worthington’s Home Hair kit

M followed the instructions of Charles Worthington’s Home Hair Straightening Kit for Coloured Hair. She expected smooth and straight hair, however, was left with tangled, dry and brittle hair breaking off in clumps.  

M had to undergo deep conditioning treatment before her long hair could be combed through. The damage was irreparable and she had to have large sections of her hair cut regularly due to the damage caused.

The damage to her hair affected her confidence as a young adult and in her professional role as a bridal beauty therapist.  

Meera Lachani, a solicitor in the consumer law and defective products team who represented M said:

"M was entitled to expect that the product she was using was safe. She followed the instructions and she expected to achieve the results described on the packaging. Hopefully lessons have been learned as we understand that the product has been discontinued."