Education providers in England and Wales who want to obtain educational oversight as part of an application to join the Tier 4 sponsor register will be able to between 1 August and 30 September 2013.

New applicants must have established a track record of at least one year of teaching before applying for educational oversight.

Full assessments of new applicants will begin in 2014 and will start a sponsor's four-year educational oversight cycle. This process repeats annually to allow new sponsors to join the register.

Those who wish to join the Tier 4 register, and sponsors who wish to remain on the register, need to ensure that they obtain and continue to retain satisfactory inspections. The Tier 4 sponsor guidance grants the Home Office the power to revoke an institution’s Tier 4 sponsorship Licence where an institution has achieved an adverse finding from one of the approved educational oversight bodies. Our immigration team works closely with members of our education team, assisting sponsors with both compliance and regulatory issues.