The City of Menlo Park is proceeding with two transportation projects.  The first one, an undercrossing to separate bicycles and pedestrians from rail traffic at Middle Avenue, received the green light from the City Council on December 15.   The City has committed $210,000 and has authorized staff to apply for an additional $490,000 in San Mateo County Measure A sales tax funds to pay for preliminary engineering work on the project.  The City estimates that the design and construction of the undercrossing will cost approximately $11 million.

The City’s second project is the Ravenswood Avenue grade separation project.  The Ravenswood crossing, which reportedly has the highest volume of traffic of the four crossings in Menlo Park, was recently the site of a fatal accident when a train struck a car in February 2015.  The City has commenced its search for an engineering consultant to begin the preliminary design of the grade separation.  Based on the preliminary design/engineering and cost estimates, the City will determine whether the separation will be an underpass or a split grade separation.

Either way, the City will likely have to acquire property from adjacent property owners to facilitate the project.  Whether an underpass or a split grade – adjacent properties are often impacted by loss of access or the project’s need for various property interests.

A feasibility study identifying project alternatives and impacts to properties for the various grade separation projects is available on the City of Menlo Park’s dedicated project website.  Click HERE to go directly to the City’s Feasibility Study.  Click HERE to go to the City’s dedicated Railroad Grade Separation website.

Finally, be sure to check back with us often as we will continue to follow these projects and post updates.  In the meantime, should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office.