The following application information and procedures have been simplified so as to practicably implement "Opinions of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Regarding the Deeper Implementation of a brand strategy so as to give Impetus to the Construction of Chinese Brands," which have been formulated to promote the ease of access of registration via the Madrid System as well as the "Go out" policy for applicants for service marks.  

First, when filing a new application via the Madrid System, it will no longer be necessary to submit a photocopy of a "Notification of Filing Receipt of Application for Trademark Registration" or a "Certificate of Trademark Registration" in which the information concerning the receipt of applications or the registration thereof shall be valid to the extent that it is obtained from the SAIC's Patent Examination Database. Where an original trademark has been altered, assigned or extended, it will no longer be necessary to submit a photocopy of document proving that said alteration, assignment or extension has been approved. Where an applicant’s English name has been recorded on a Chinese-language application, said applicant no longer needs to resubmit an English name certificate.  

Second, when processing subsequent work for an application, it is no longer necessary to submit a copy of a "Certificate of Trademark Registration" as issued by the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization; where an assignee’s English name has been recorded on a Chinese-language application for transfer rights, it shall no longer be necessary for said assignee to provide proof of the English name. 

Third, the change of a registrant’s name and/or address will not depend onthe approval of the change of the original trademark. Where a change for the original trademark has already been approved, it is no longer necessary to submit a photocopy of a certificate of said change; however, where a trademark change has not yet been approved, the applicant may submit a photocopy of approval of change from the registration authority or else a relevant document, which can be downloaded from the official website of the aforementioned registration authority.  

The above measures have been implemented on August 23rd, 2017, the same day as the publication of this policy document.