Today, the EU has reinforced its restrictive measures on Syria in view of what it says is the continuing repression by the Syrian regime against its population and widespread human rights violations.

The EU has added the Commercial Bank of Syria to its list of targeted entities that are subject to an assets freeze. The new measures include a derogation that permits the Commercial Bank of Syria for a period of two months to use frozen funds in connection with trade contracts with non-designated persons and entities. The addition of the Commercial Bank of Syria to the list of targeted entities brings the total number of Syrian entities targeted by an EU asset freeze to 19.

Please note that the US Government already designated the Commercial Bank of Syria (CBS) on the SDN list; the US Government also imposed special measures under Section 311 of the USA Patriot Act as a result of a prior designation of CBS as a financial institution of "primary money laundering concern."

In addition, the EU has exempted from the petroleum embargo the purchase in Syria of kerosene jet fuel of CN 2710 19 21, provided it is intended and used solely for the purpose of the continuation of the flight operation of the aircraft into which it is loaded.