On 27 December 2017 the Minister of Finance (MOF) issued Regulation No. 203/PMK.04/2017 on Export and Import Provisions of Goods Brought by Passengers and Carrier Crew (Regulation 203), which became effective on 1 January 2018. Passengers and carrier crew goods were previously regulated under MOF Regulation No. 188/PMK.04/2010 (Regulation 188). Regulation 203 was issued to improve services, supervision, and provisions on export and import goods brought by passengers and carrier crew.

What the Regulation Says

Unlike Regulation 188, Regulation 203 not only regulates imported goods brought by passengers and carrier crew, but also regulates exported goods. In the following table, we set out some further key changes in Regulation 203.

Impacts on Business

Regulation 203 provides more affirmation and clarity regarding imported and exported goods brought by passengers and carrier crew. Regulation 203 also accommodates export of passenger and carrier crew goods that require special handling (eg, jewellery). Passengers and/or carrier crew should be careful and aware of what category of products they import.