On  October 1, 2012 the European Commission has approved €82.975.200 in public funding for a high-speed fibre broadband network in Sardinia. The aid will be granted as a direct subsidy, and will come from national and regional European Regional Development Funds (ERDF). It was examined under the angle of aid aimed at fostering the economic development of certain disadvantaged EU regions – Article 107(3) – under the guidelines on public financing of broadband adopted in 2009.

The Italian authorities intend to lay a next generation fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network for the public administration and to make it available to citizens and business in Sardinia. The cost of the project, known as BULGAS/FIBRESAR (with the name showing the association of the two areas), will be reduced through cost-saving opportunities offered by concomitant civil works for the rollout of a gas distribution network in the same region.