The PPF has made several announcements over the last few weeks. The first relates to a new booklet which it has created for pension scheme members, called “Help! My employer has gone bust…and I think I might lose my pension” to describe how PPF compensation works. The booklet explains the background to and purpose of the PPF, and gives details of the level of compensation which will be made to members when an employer goes bust. Fictional case studies are included in the booklet to illustrate how PPF compensation will be calculated for various different categories of member. The booklet is available at

It was also announced recently that Lawrence Churchill has been reappointed as the Chairman of the PPF for a further three-year term from 1 July 2007.

Finally, watch out for the ‘PPF 7800 Index’ which the PPF is set to unveil on 9 July. According to the PPF, it will be one of the most comprehensive snapshots ever produced about how well UK pension schemes are funded. The new Index will be updated monthly and will reflect the latest estimated funding positions of 7,800 defined benefit pension schemes against their PPF level of liabilities. The data used to compile the Index was originally taken from the PPF’s PURPLE Book (which stands for Pensions Universe Risk Profile), published back in December last year, which is to be updated annually and which pulls together information to help identify and manage risks relating to DB pension schemes.