The latest version of the Commission’s work programme for 2013 highlights proposals for:

  • regulation of production and use of indices as benchmarks, on 11 June;
  • a follow-up to the green paper on card, internet and mobile payments, on 26 June, with a specific report on the Payment Services Directive (PSD) review, also in June;
  • a follow-up to the green paper on shadow banking, in June;
  • amendments to the UCITS Directive, and addressing money market funds (MMF) and longer-term investment funds, in October, preceded by specific proposals for MMF in June and longer-term investment funds in July;
  • improving the Single Resolution Authority framework for failing credit institutions and investment firms, in July;
  • a Directive or Regulation on EU bank structural reform, in the third quarter of 2013;
  • a crisis management and resolution framework for non-bank financial institutions (NBFI), in November; and
  • implementing measures for Solvency 2, in the fourth quarter of 2013.

(Source: Commission Updates Work Programme)