Project licensing

What licensing requirements and procedures apply to construction projects in your jurisdiction (eg, planning consents)?

The Construction Law stipulates which types of construction work and work performed in relation to specified construction structures require a permit before being carried out, and whether an obligation to declare the intention to carry out construction work applies (eg, smaller-scale work such as construction of a family house). The competent local government authorities will issue a building permit at the request of any interested party. Depending on whether the property in question is covered by the local development plan, the investor may be required to obtain approval of the building development conditions before applying for a building permit (if a local development plan is not available).

The administrative part of the construction process is finalised (as the case may be, pursuant to the law) by obtaining an occupancy permit or declaring the completion of construction work to the building supervision authority. This administrative body verifies that the construction work has been performed in accordance with either the permit or the declaration of intent to carry out construction work.

Professional licensing and qualification

What licensing requirements and procedures apply to construction professionals, including any required qualifications?

The Construction Law sets the requirements for architects, engineers and construction specialists in terms of education, qualifications and professional experience needed to perform their jobs, which constitute the basis for determining the scope and type of construction work supervised by them.

Do any special rules and restrictions apply to foreign construction professionals?

There are no formal or legal requirements for establishing and running business activity in the construction sector.