A consumer has filed a putative class action against Ferrara Candy Co. claiming that its packaging of Jujyfruits® and other candies misleads consumers by misrepresenting the amount of candy contained in each box. Iglesias v. Ferrara Candy Co., No. 17-0849 (N.D. Cal., filed February 21, 2017). The plaintiff claims that Ferrara “shortchanges consumers” by under-filling its opaque candy boxes. In movie theaters, where boxed candies are sold, the boxes are kept behind glass showcases, the complaint asserts, and consumers have no opportunity to examine net weight, serving disclosures or other labeling until after paying for the candy. Moreover, the plaintiff claims that consumers’ purchasing decisions are heavily dependent on product packaging and that “consumers are apt to choose the larger box because they think it’s a better value.” The action includes other candy lines manufactured by Ferrara, including Lemonhead®, RedHots®, Chuckles®, Brach’s® and Atomic Fireball® products. For alleged violations of California’s Consumers Legal Remedies Act, False Advertising and Unfair Competition laws, the plaintiff seeks class certification, damages and attorney’s fees.