Two consumers have filed a lawsuit against Diageo PLC alleging that Red Stripe® is falsely marketed as Jamaican because it has been brewed and bottled in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, since 2012. Dumas v. Diageo PLC, No. 15-1681 (S.D. Cal., filed July 29, 2015). Red Stripe® packaging “boldly states that it is a ‘Jamaican Style Lager’ that contains ‘The Taste of Jamaica,’” and displays the logo of the Jamaican brewery that previously made it, the complaint asserts. “The only clue that Red Stripe is no longer a Jamaican beer is that on the border of the new labels, in obscure white text, the bottle says: ‘Brewed & Bottled by Red Stripe Beer Company Latrobe, PA.’” The plaintiffs argue that the text cannot be seen on packages of 12 bottles of Red Stripe® and is only visible on packages of six if a single bottle is removed and examined. Consumers pay higher prices for imported beer and believe it to be of a higher quality, the complaint argues, so the alleged false misrepresentation resulted in unjust enrichment. The plaintiffs seek class certification, an injunction, damages and costs.