The Mental Health Act of 2018

New Legislation Enacted

Republic Act No. 11036, signed into law on June 20, 2018, requires employers to develop appropriate policies and programs on mental health in the workplace designed to (1) raise awareness on mental health issues, (2) correct the stigma and discrimination associated with mental health conditions, (3) identify and provide support for individuals at risk, and (4) facilitate access of individuals with mental health conditions to treatment and psychosocial support.

Amendment to Allowable Wage Deductions

New Regulation or Official Guidance

Generally, wage deductions by an employer are prohibited except in some cases, one of which is when deductions are made with employee’s written authorization for payment to a third party and the employer agrees thereto and does not receive any pecuniary benefit. Department Order No. 195 of the Department of Labor and Employment, promulgated on July 27, 2018, amended the regulations to include deductions with written authorization for payment to the employer himself, as allowable deductions.