Starting from 1 October 2014, a number of amendments to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation come into force which concern the Intellectual Property rights. Some amendments will become effective as of 1 January 2015. This article reviews the most important amendments to be introduced.

Once the amendments come into force (starting from 1 October 2014) the procedure of state registration of assignment agreements, pledge of exclusive rights and license agreements. It will be sufficient to simply register the transfer (or license) of the I

P rights (Art. 1232 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation). For this purpose, it will be sufficient for the parties to file to Rospatent an application with information on the parties to the agreement, subject of the agreement, etc. Rospatent will not be authorized to require filing of the agreement itself and therefore will be unable to check conformity of the agreement to the legal requirements. This, of course, may incur undesirable consequences, for instance, in case of bad faith of the parties. On the other hand, the parties will be spared from revealing to Rospatent all the conditions of the agreement. Also, the period of state registration will be considerably reduced.