The time is fast approaching when elite athletes from around the globe meet and compete in The Epic Sporting Event that is Associated with Togas and Flaming Torches but which, for reasons discussed below, cannot be named in this legal update. Organisations that have been fortunate enough to secure sponsorships for The International Sportsfest that is not limited to Commonwealth Nations are honing their marketing strategies and preparing their people to make the most of the branding opportunities that those sponsorships will create.

Although all of the sporting action will take place on a distant shore, businesses based here in New Zealand should think very carefully before launching any advertising or marketing campaign that makes any link to The Tournament that Once Saw John Walker Win a Gold Medal in the Fifteen Hundred Metres. Caution is recommended because in 2007, parliament passed the Major Events Management Act 2007 (MEMA) which was designed to (among other things) protect organisers and official sponsors of major events from other organisations engaging in unauthorised commercial exploitation of the event.

In particular, section 28 of MEMA makes it an offence to display, exhibit or otherwise use a specific list of words or emblems related to The Athletics Jamboree that Originated in Ancient Greece without the written authorisation of the body that is responsible for running the Quadrennial Gathering of Sportspeople Which Used to Be Limited to Track and Field but Now Includes Events Like Beach Volleyball. In this legal update, we would like to be able to tell you what those emblems and words are, and to advise you of the name of the body from whom you would need to get written authorisation if you did want to use those emblems or words. Unfortunately we cannot, because to do so may be prohibited under MEMA. However, should you need advice regarding the restrictions contained in MEMA, please contact us directly.