This month’s update covers the following:

  • We look at a recent Singapore case where an employer was found liable for wrongful termination, but was entitled to recover relocation benefits paid to an employee who failed to relocate. Click here to read a summary of the case.
  • Over in Mainland China, the local authorities in Shanghai and Pudong just released a non-binding Guide on the Protection of Trade Secrets. Click here to find out what employers can do to prevent a loss of trade secrets and confidential information.
  • In Hong Kong, an employer filed a host of claims against their former employees who joined a competitor and allegedly breached their confidentiality obligations, only to have the majority of those claims struck out. Click here to find out more.
  • Our Compliance Check this month looks at the requirement to report job vacancies in Indonesia. Click here to make sure that your company is compliant.
  • Our Asia comparative article this month compares recent trends on workplace discrimination and harassment, across Singapore, Indonesia, Mainland China and Hong Kong. Click here to compare the rules.