On 21 April 2011 the Minister for Social Security lodged Draft Employment (Amendment No. 7) (Jersey) Law 201- (the "Fixed Term Work Amendment"). This is intended to address concerns that the new redundancy legislation might impact upon businesses engaging fixed terms staff in a way that was not intended, with staff on repeat fixed term contracts becoming entitled to redundancy payments at the end of each such contract once a person has accrued a totality of two years' continuous employment. The Fixed Term Work Amendment aims:

"...to ensure that employers in seasonal industries are not discouraged from re-employing staff, season after season, due to the potential for redundancy payments at the end of the natural season."

The Fixed Term Work Amendment was approved by the States of Jersey on 9 June 2011. When the Fixed Term Work Amendment is implemented,

"...for the purpose of calculating entitlement to redundancy pay, continuity of employment will be preserved between successive fixed-term contracts that are separated by 9 weeks or less, instead of 26 weeks or less...This will mean that, in the majority of cases, employees on short fixed-term contracts will not qualify for redundancy pay at the end of each season."