FOS publishes annual review: On its 15th anniversary FOS has published its 2014/15 annual review. Statistics from the review show that:

  • since 2001 FOS has received 2.8 million complaints of which 1.3 million have been about payment protection insurance (PPI);
  • during 2014/15 20% of initial complaints developed into a formal dispute  ̶  329,509 in total; 
  • 55% of cases were resolved in the consumer's favour in 2014/15;
  • PPI still made up 66% of FOS's workload in 2014/15 despite the number of PPI complaints halving to 204,943 from the record highs of 2013/14;
  • during 2014/15 FOS settled 448,387 disputes;
  • during 2014/15 FOS resolved 20% of disputes using its webchat service alone;
  • four of the UK's largest banking groups accounted for 58% of all complaints; and
  • people from Bolton were the most likely to phone FOS and those from the North East were most likely to complain about PPI.

(Source: The Ombudsman at Fifteen – Lessons from the Past, Looking to the Future)