Swedish construction company Hansa Bygg today signed a public contract with the Municipality of Kalmar in the southeast of Sweden for the construction of a new fire station. The total project costs are estimated at SEK 130 million (EUR 14 million).

The signed contract marks the end of an 18 month-tender battle with cancelled tender processes and several judicial reviews. The first tender process was initiated in September 2013 but was cancelled short afterwards. Hansa Bygg had successfully argued that the tender requirements were disproportionate and would have excluded Hansa Bygg from the tender process contrary to the Public Procurement Act. Hansa Bygg subsequently won two further tender processes, which the municipality then chose to cancel. A fourth tender process was initiated earlier this year and today’s contract signing marks Hansa Bygg’s ultimate victory. Hansa Bygg also successfully claimed its litigation costs from the municipality , citing the Swedish Supreme Court case NJA 2013 p. 762.