One month after being targeted by DirecTV for alleged false advertising, DISH Network fired back with the filing of a countersuit on Tuesday that accuses DirecTV of running national TV commercials that “mimic the look and feel of certain ads in DISH Network’s ‘Why Would You Ever Pay More For TV’ campaign.” Last month, a federal district court denied injunctive relief to DirecTV in its quest to stop the airing of DISH’s “Why Pay More” television ads, which, according to DirecTV, falsely compare DISH’s 100 channel package with DirecTV’s 140-channel “Choice Xtra” tier. In its complaint against DirecTV, DISH contends that DirecTV’s claim to be “America’s fasting growing satellite TV service” amounts to false and misleading advertising as statistics show that the DISH Network service grew at a faster rate than DirecTV’s during the last six months of 2009. DISH also took issue with DirecTV’s televised claim that “nothing comes close to the reliability of DirecTV” as it told the court that, “in truth and fact, DISH Network’s signal reliability is the same as that of DirecTV—99.9%.” Like DirecTV, DISH is seeking unspecified monetary damages.