Revised dietary guidelines: Food Standards Scotland and FSA Northern Ireland have published revised guidelines.  View > View >

Unfair contract terms: The Competition and Markets Authority has published very detailed guidance for businesses. View > View >

Call for enforcement action: BIS Minister Anna Soubry has taken the unusual step of writing to ‘Trading Standards’ calling for more enforcement action to tackle illegal ‘Laser pens’. View >

Shellfish monitoring assessment: Food Standards Scotland has published an assessment of take up of its guidance on shellfish toxin monitoring. View >

Transparency on TTIP negotiations: EU DG Trade have published a range of documents including those on aligning US and EU approaches to regulation. View >

E.coli research published:  Food Standards Scotland  has published the outcomes of two pieces of research one on o157 from soil contamination of veg and o104 in respect of treatment of sprouting seeds. View >

Row over seafish levy: The Scottish Government has expressed anger that the UK Government has refused to devolve control of the statutory levy relating to the seafood sector. View >

Fair work framework welcomed: The Scottish Government has welcomed launch of the framework by the Fair Work Convention. View >