This post involves a case of egregious sexual harassment — in a funeral home.

It is of interest simply because the venue of the behavior seems so macabre.

Clcik here to view image.

This guy is (allegedly) a walking harassment monster.

According to the EEOC, the owner/manager of a Ft. Lauderdale funeral home “subjected female employees to constant egregious sexual harassment, creating a work environment permeated with sexual innuendo, unwanted touching and sexual overtures. [He] encouraged an environment that condoned harassment, which included showing female employees pictures on his cellphone of naked women engaged in sex acts; putting his hand on his crotch and asking a female employee about wanting to take “care of her bills”; making explicit requests for sexual favors of female employees; and engaging in unwanted and, at times, violent touching of female employees, including grabbing breasts and buttocks, and slapping a female employee across the face.

[He] also retaliated against current and former employees by cutting employee hours or giving negative references to prospective employers, EEOC said. In one case, [he] misused his personal relationship with a probation officer to intimidate a female employee, on probation for a pre-existing matter unrelated to her employment, who was attempting to seek assistance from EEOC.”

The case just settled for $85,000.

What a guy/ghoul.  Wonder what a typical day at the funeral home was like.