Government agencies led by the Ministry of Transport (MOT) will soon hold a meeting with car-makers to discuss enforcement of a new rule requiring car-makers to disclose technical know-how of repair and maintenance, according to a source involved with the matter.

The rule, aimed at breaking foreign car-makers’ grip over China's aftermarket, was published on 29 September. But it omitted details such as how non-compliance will be punished and by whom and to what extent intellectual property can be used to exempt car-makers from making disclosures, according to the source.

The meeting, to be held in Beijing, will be attended by officials from ministries including the MOT, Ministry of Commerce and State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

“Those are two of the issues that are going to be talked about in the meeting,” said the source, who is tasked with organising the meeting, which will be attended mostly by international car-makers.

More than 20 car-makers attended a similar meeting held after a draft of the rule was released last year. The source added that details on the implementation of the rule are expected to be made public in December, before it comes into effect on 1 January, 2016.

Under the new rule, an online platform will be built for the purposes of know-how disclosure, but so far the government has yet to finalise a plan on how the platform will be operated, the source said.

“There are too many interests to be balanced [concerning] the platform. A decision will be made by the government after hearing from different relevant parties,” the source said.