Key point

  • The Land Registry is to reduce its fees by an average of 10% with effect from 22 October 2012

The Land Registry has now been going for 150 years. In August it announced that over 80% of the land mass in England and Wales is now registered. Since 2007/2008, Land Registry has been implementing a cost-saving programme to enable it to deal with the downturn in the market.

The savings which it has achieved means that it is reducing fees with effect from 22 October 2012.

Information services such as official copies of the register and title plans will be reduced from £4 to £3 (if ordered via an electronic service) or £7 (reduced from £8) if ordered in any other way.

The Scale 1 registration fees (which apply, among other things, to transfers of land for value) have each been reduced by £10, making the top fee (for properties worth more than £1 million) £910.

A complete list of the new fees can be found using the links below: