Injunctive relief is available to receivers of charged residential property to enable access to the property and to relevant documents - (1) George Maloney (2) Bruce Mackay (in their capacity as receivers of Thomas Bernard McFeely (3) Graham Busby (4) Matthew Haw (in their capacity as receivers of Conal Derek McFeely v (1) Filtons Ltd (2) Filtons Leasing (London) Ltd (21/3/2012).

Receivers of charged residential property were entitled to interim injunctive relief granting unrestricted access to the property and relevant documents in circumstances where their access had been obstructed by a purported lessee, who had possibly acted unlawfully in collecting substantial amounts of rent as a result of granting sub-tenancies.  Specifically the receivers had encountered difficulties in seeking to recover and obtain access to the residential part of the charged property and had health and safety, and insurance concerns in relation to the property.