A number of “do-not-track” bills have been introduced recently. Senator Rockefeller (D.,WV) introduced a bill which would mandate that the FTC promulgate a trade regulation rule creating a mechanism providing for consumers to express their preference not to be tracked online or on mobile devices, and a requirement for companies to honor the preference. Companies would be permitted to continue to collect the information necessary to function and be effective, though they would have to destroy or anonymize that information when it was no longer needed. Also, Representative Speier (D.,CA) has introduced another online tracking bill (H.R. 654). Specifically, H.R. 654 would direct the FTC to promulgate standards to provide for an online mechanism for consumers to opt out of the collection and use of their personal information online. Moreover, H.R. 654 would require online advertisers and website operators to disclose to the public their data collection, use, and disclosure practices.