Several changes to existing Colorado employment laws were recently passed by the Colorado General Assembly and signed into law. The changes are generally not favorable to employers and include: 

  • State laws prohibiting employment discrimination have been expanded to include religion and sexual orientation (Senate Bill 07-025, amending Colorado Revised Statute § 24-34-402); 
  • Employers can no longer recover attorney’s fees for successfully defending a former employee’s Wage Act Claim under Colorado Revised Statute § 8-4-109; 
  • Employers can no longer recover court costs and attorney’s fees after successfully defending against a former employee’s claim that he/she was discharged for engaging in legal off-duty conduct (Senate Bill 07-117, amended Colorado Revised Statute § 24-34-402.5); and 
  • The Colorado Minimum Wage was raised by House Bill 07-1001 to $6.85 per hour for all employees within the State.