The Thai Ministry of Commerce recently announced that the number of counterfeit products has been reduced by more than 85%. The objective to keep counterfeit products out of the market is now almost reached.

Mr. Thosapone Dansupatra, the Director-General of the Department of Intellectual Property pointed that the suppression of counterfeiting activities will continue to operate. The Department of special investigation, police officers and trademark owners cooperate with the Department of Intellectual Property to prevent and suppress IP right violation.

The authorities recently put pressure on vendors selling counterfeit products, in particular in the border Rongkluea market at Sa Kaew province and in well-known shopping centres such as MBK, also known to propose a lot of counterfeits. The authorities were thus able to reduce the number by more than 85% and aim at eliminating counterfeiting activities completely.

Moreover, “Bangkok’s Red Zone” where counterfeit products were available for consumers has been completely raided. No counterfeit products were found in places like Saphan Lek, as for the Wireless Road near the US embassy, it has also been successfully raided. However, there are still some stores at Pantip Plaza which are expected to be raided very soon.

The Department of Intellectual Property has advised people to cooperate and assist the government by vigorously acting to defend and enforce against infringers. Those who will provide useful clues on infringing stores to the authorities will be rewarded with legal incentive shares from infringer’s fines.