Health Canada recently updated its web site to provide comments on its ongoing comprehensive review of the Special Access Programme (SAP). The review of the SAP is said to consist of three sub-projects, namely an operational review to evaluate how SAP is functioning within the existing framework, an ethics review of the mandate and activities of the SAP and a broader policy/regulatory review.

Preliminary consultations occurred in June 2007 soliciting views from users of SAP in two sessions. A consequence of this has been the preparation of an issue identification paper. The issue identification paper sets out a brief history of the development of SAP and attempts to identify issues that may warrant change. A second phase of the review is to obtain comments on the issue identification paper. A third phase of consultation will begin in spring 2008 after the development of an options analysis paper resulting from the second phase consultations.

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Please note comments are due by December 17, 2007.