On 17 November 2010, the European Commission cleared the acquisition by Unilever of the body and laundry care business of Sara Lee Corp (US), subject to divestment commitments. During its initial investigation, the Commission raised concerns that the deal would concentrate in the hands of a single player a number of competing brands for products such as deodorants, fabric cleaners, conditioners and bath and shower products. Consequently, in May 2010 it launched an in-depth second-phase investigation. This confirmed that the acquisition would give Unilever a strong position in the deodorant market by combining the Sanex, Dove and Rexona brands. The geographic markets where the concentration raised most competition concerns were Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, the UK, Ireland, Spain and Portugal. To resolve the issue and get clearance for the rest of the deal, Unilever committed to divest Sara Lee’s Sanex brand and related business in Europe.