On 16 December 2010, the Suzhou Intermediate Court issued a decision in favour of a Chinese company plaintiff (Giant Light Metal Technology) against a Singaporean entity (Aksa Far East) relating to the supply of goods to the plaintiff company. Aksa then sought to enforce that judgement against Giant Light Metal Technology via the Singaporean courts. Recently, the Singaporean High Court issued a decision agreeing to enforce that judgment against Aksa after a full rehearing of the relevant issues. It is noted that no reciprocal judgment enforcement agreement exists between Singapore and China, so that the enforcement of the Chinese court decision in Singapore, was not automatic in nature and required the court to examine the issues in the case and the findings of the Chinese court, with the assistance of expert witnesses. It is thought that this is the first time that a Singaporean court has been willing to “enforce” a decision of a Chinese court in Singapore. As China’s legal system continues to mature, along with its judiciary, more and more foreign judges will feel more inclined to enforce decisions from Chinese courts without concerns as to the impartiality of the original judgments and other issues.