Federal Reserve Board issues final rule on revised capital rules for non-traditional stock corporations. The Federal Reserve Board (the Board) issued a final rule providing information about how to apply the Board’s revised capital framework that was issued in June 2013 to depository institution holding companies which are not organized as traditional stock corporations. (12/4/2015) Board press release.

Board considering minimum margins for securities financing. Reuters reported that the Board is developing regulations to set minimum margins for securities financing transactions as it attempts to contain risk and increase understanding of non-bank financial institutions. (12/3/2015) Minimum margins.

Board announces TDF test operation. The Board announced that it will continue its periodic testing of the Term Deposit Facility (TDF) with one operation to be conducted on December 3, 2015, for seven-day term deposits. The test operations are aimed at safeguarding the operational readiness of the TDF and giving eligible institutions a chance to maintain familiarity with term deposit procedures. (11/19/2015) Board press release.

Treasury International Capital Data for September. The Treasury Department released Treasury International Capital (TIC) data for September 2015. The next release, which will report on data for October 2015, is scheduled for December 15, 2015. The total in September of all net foreign acquisitions of long-term securities, short-term US securities, and banking flows was a monthly net TIC outflow of US$175.1 billion. Of this, net foreign private outflows were US$136.1 billion, and net foreign official outflows were US$39 billion. (11/17/2015) Treasury Department press release.

FDIC updates brokered deposit FAQs and seeks comments on revised document. On November 13th, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) revised a document that includes Frequently Asked Questions on identifying, accepting, and reporting brokered deposits. In addition, the FDIC sought comment on the updated FAQs. (11/13/2015) FDIC press release.