Rospatent invites everyone to the public hearings concerning the reasonability of the preliminary applications and licensing of applications.

There has been, in the circle of innovators, an increasing demand for new Russian legislation provisions empowering the creators of IP and their assignees by enabling them to lodge so-called preliminary applications and to grant a license to commercialize the object before its state registration.

A preliminary patent application allows the applicant to secure their priority for an invention or utility model simply and at a low cost. Being a subject to an established fee a preliminary application may contain an unrestricted description, giving the applicant a possibility of filing the full application within 12 months if the technical invention is disclosed.

To the licensing of technical inventions still going through the patentability examination stage, these developments would be constitute some very favorable changes for applicants:

– reduction of the period preceding commercialization of a technology, i.e. receiving licensing fees before the patent is granted;

– simplification of the procedure for the assignment of technical development;

– increasing the motivation of inventors by the possibility of payment of remuneration for the use of technology at the examination stage.

Any person can participate in the hearings by filling in the electronic form (the link can be found on the ROSPATENT’s website).

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