On January 27, 2015, the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canda ("IIROC") published its Annual Consolidated Compliance Report to assist IIROC Dealer Members in focusing their supervision and risk management efforts to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. The Report seeks to address a number of current issues and challenges to be addressed by Dealer Members in order to improve investor protection and foster market integrity in a rapidly evolving and increasingly complex environment.
The Report, together with IIROC’s body of guidance notes, its annual compliance conferences, and the day-to-day contact IIROC regulatory teams have with Dealer Member staff, are all intended to help Dealer Members better understand and ensure compliance with IIROC’s requirements.
IIROC will continue to proactively oversee and regulate IIROC Dealer Members to protect investors and promote fair, efficient and competitive capital markets, and will continue to focus on and take action against Dealer Members that fail to address significant compliance findings and/or fail to demonstrate a commitment to the development of a strong compliance culture.