The EEOC just settled a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit against a Minnesota-based gym company in Maryland for $86,000.

It was alleged that a pregnant woman applied for a job at the company and after two job interviews (presumably not in person), she emailed her work availability and said that she was 35 weeks pregnant. The company “stopped communicating with her.” Ultimately, she was informed “that her position had been placed on hold and two other people had been hired. The manager encouraged her to apply for a position at another [company] facility opening later that year.”

An EEOC District Director said that “Rescinding a job offer to a qualified applicant, even if you tell her she can reapply for another position after she has the baby, is still illegal pregnancy discrimination.”

Takeaway: Pregnancy discrimination violates the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (“PDA”) – a part of Title VII, irrespective of whether an employer is doing it for the employee’s “own good.”