Starting from 19 August 2016, Ukrainian residents are no longer required to obtain a pricing expertise certificate issued by the State Information and Analytical Centre for Monitoring International Commodity Markets in order to make payments for imported services.

The changes have been introduced by the National Bank of Ukraine (the NBU) Board Resolution No. 372 "On Annulment of Certain Regulations of the NBU", dated 18 August 2016.

Ukrainian residents were previously obliged to submit a pricing expertise certificate in order to make payments to non-Ukrainian nationals for rendered services, works and intellectual property rights if the value exceeded EUR 50,000, in order to verify that the contract value is in line with standard market prices.

This requirement has, however, now been lifted by the NBU within the framework of its liberalization policy in view of the fact that the pricing expertise requirement was ineffective in preventing capital outflow and yielded no control over the transactions of imported foreign services.