In recent times we have reported the ongoing skirmish between Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Limited (“Toyota”) and Qantas Airways Limited (“Jetstar”) over a number of Toyota “jump” trademark applications in Australia. Jetstar have now filed their own “jump” trademarks – which have been opposed by Toyota.  Our previous blog posts may be found here, here and here.

To date, Toyota have filed thirty “jump” trademarks and a number of these (generally the ones resembling a “star jump“) have been opposed Jetstar.

In a new development, Jetstar have filed their own “jump” trademarks (reproduced below) which have been accepted for registration.  Toyota have already opposed the registration of two of these trademarks, namely 1514517 and 1517023.

Trademark application numbers 1514513 and 1517025 are yet to be opposed but the deadline for filing an opposition is 21 June 2013 and we expect a Notice of Opposition to be published on ATMOSS shortly.

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