The U.S. Coast Guard has issued proposed revisions to vapor-control system regulations on ships and barges that transport flammable materials such as oil or benzene, and for systems at onshore oil terminals and other loading facilities. 75 Fed. Reg. 65,151 (10/21/10). The proposed revisions would conform Coast Guard rules to EPA regulations governing vapor-control systems for volatile organic compounds.

The plan would require vessel and terminal owners to conduct periodic reviews of their operations to ensure that vapor-control systems are properly operated and maintained. It would also require a licensed professional engineer to oversee entities that certify the vapor-control systems. The proposed regulations would amend 33 C.F.R. Parts 154, 155 and 156, and 46 C.F.R. parts 35 and 39. The Coast Guard will accept comments until April 21, 2011.