Ganeden Biotech Inc. has filed a lawsuit against American Brewing Co., Inc. and its 2015 acquisition, B&R Liquid Adventure, alleging the companies infringe its patents on a particular strain of probiotic bacteria through the marketing and sale of their búcha® beverage. Ganeden Biotech, Inc. v. Am. Brewing Co., Inc., No. 16-0876 (N.D. Ohio, E. Div., filed April 13, 2016).

Ganeden asserts that it holds a patent on a specific GBI-30 strain of Bacillus coagulans as used in tea and another patent on the strain as used in all other products. B&R began selling búcha® in 2013 and lists the GBI-30 strain as an ingredient, according to the complaint. “Because Ganeden holds a patent on GBI-30 and is the legitimate source of GBI-30, Ganeden believes that Defendants’ products likely contained Bacillus coagulans (which Defendants could have obtained elsewhere) but not always the GBI-30 strain as labeled,” the biotech company argues. For allegations of patent infringement and unfair competition, Ganeden seeks a declaration finding infringement, a permanent injunction, an accounting, treble damages and attorney’s fees.